When a parent passes you experience a whole new kind of sadness. The person who was responsible for bringing you into this world is no longer there. You may find yourself constantly reflecting on the good times you had growing up, like going to get ice cream or spending those countless hours at different sporting events. At this time in your life you are grieving over the loss you have just experienced. It isn’t until later that you have to deal with all of the things that your parent left behind. All of a sudden, you find yourself having to take care of their estate. If they do not have a will or trust set up, you may not know what you are going to do with everything. You think to yourself what is it that they wanted, but you really don’t know, and in the end, everyone is fighting. A common thing that happens is that the loved ones estate goes into Probate. Probate is not an easy thing to deal with. A Las Vegas probate attorney can help you with the process. They can represent you at court as well as file the necessary paperwork so that you have a smooth process ahead of you. You can count on your attorneys to help you.

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